Monday, December 6, 2010

BR:The devouring

The devouring review

Characters: Reggie, Aaron, Henry. Reggie and Aaron are friends, Reggie is Henry's brother. Other then looks we don't get much else These are Goosebumps characters trying to act all brave in a YA books when really? Put them in any goosebumps book and they fit perfectly there. The characters are just there to help the plot not be part of it D

Story: A world of nightmares? Soul snatching monsters? Reviews that make it sound Amazing? Can't wait! Yes people yes you can. The premise makes it sound scary with lots of fear and scares however there are scary things in Doctor who, scooby doo, and disney then this. While reading you feel like your reading a children's book or R.L Stine or even coralline on Good read's it's stated that this could be compared to and R.L Stine novel and while that is a complement in a way for perhaps a MG or Juvenal book thats not really a big complement for a YA book. The only reason it got the rating it did was for the detail in the gore F

Cover: The cover IS creepy with purple smoke and half of Reggies face with her smugged make up and brown eye C

Rating: YA, for blood, gore, and horror

Company: little brown and company

My rating : 2 out of 5. I honestly did not enjoy this book and forced myself to finish just because I had already put two other book down that I didn't get into and I figured being board out of my mind for a DAY wouldn't kill me or tarnish my book reading in anyway. weird part? Around page 90 my thumb on my right hand started hurting, before and certainty times durning the book I thought I was going to have a nose bleed but yeah this book was anything but enjoyable. Admittedly it was creepy and spooky but Doctor who eps are scarier by far. This book really reminded me of Goosebumps and a middle grade novel the only thing that made this YA was the gore and the one nightmare scene

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