Sunday, December 19, 2010

BR: Red dice

Red dice


Characters: Sita and Jole this time. Joel in place of ray and just as useless he's just there as plot bait ie. A character used to move the plot along nothing more. no characterization, no action from him, just thereness. Sita is worse then were she left off if not better no real character development from anyone C

Story: Joel is captured by the government, Action out the wazu, then fall then little bit of action, then of course a fall. For those of you who have watched Moonlight this story reflects a few eps of that show and like most plots we all know how this is going to end come book five. Over all this plot started off exciting with fighting but then fell Hard on it's butt and became boring and lifeless D-

Cover: see review one

Rating: YA with lots of violence and gore and some sex

Company: simon pulse

My rating : 2 of 5 I was honestly board with this one and couldn't wait to finish it just so I could finish it. This last one had no action or what I loved about book one it just fell hard

Rating of the book as a whole: 3 of 5 the first book is really awesome but then by book two and then three the endings and placement of characters who don't matter became repetitive and lackluster and I wondered why there was so many “omgosh is she going to die?” type of cliff hangers when there are 4 of these books out all with three stories in them so a total of 12 all together. With that it becomes old fast I honestly was happy to have the last story done and over with so now I can take a break. I do however thank whom ever suggested it to me because now I am rearing for something else

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