Saturday, December 18, 2010

BR: the last vampire

The last vampire


Characters: Sita and ray. Sita is one strong take no crud from no one heroin and is the vampire. Some might call her a mary sue but she is a vampire so don't know where that leads. Shes emotionless to a point and will not hesitate to kill. however she does have a moral code and spiritual delima of whether she believes of not. Ray is just a boy who gets caught up over his head. Their relationship is daja-vu attraction and lust not actual love and yet it works here and you want them to be together despite it being quick and wrong but then again everything about Sita screams sin so why should a relationship be any different? This is a character you love to hate you love to root for but hate her actions. C

Story: The story starts off slow but takes off after chapter two. Some sceans people will want to push back to their mind not so much the violence but the sex yes sex in a YA book and not done tastefully though admittedly she is only talking about it some scenes are not ages 12-15 friendly (thought 16-19 year old boys may get a thrill from some of them) nit-pick you know most readers are pretty open to learning about different religions and respect them to a degree. Admit it most people get a kick when religion and paranormal fantasy mix so long as it's also balanced and fits. The religion mentioned though out this book does fit however it's like listening in on a religious conversation you can't deny whats going on but at the same time it feels preachy and surreal. It did get VERY preachy in the flash backs and made you think “ I'm reading about a demon who is the main protagonist?” which may or may not disturb some Christian and catholic readers. Other then that however the story it's self is very well written story, keeping in mind this was written in 1994 not 2009, Action/thriller/mystery with literally very little romance very nice change of pace. Lots of blood, gore and detail in the deaths as well as some parts that would make lesser people squirm but an over all quick enchanting readers that will capture readers and not let them go till the last page B

Cover: Sita with her plump pink lips viscus green eyes and white/brown blond hair looking all determined not the best cover no action or what were really in for but not the worst cover either very plain and not to eye catching D

Rating: The book says YA however it would be more of a OYA (Older young adult) or Adult for a good amount of sexual talk, sex like scenes, sex and lots of nudity, teen drinking, murder, blood, gore, the list goes on

Company: Simon Pluse

My rating : 4 of 5 Admittedly not the best book I ever read the seduction scenes seemed over the top as was the sex scene its self ironically enough I did not think the violence was to over the top why? Well look at the movie interview with a vampire that came out the same year this book was written so I give the violence a passing glance Also after watching ep 14 of shiki and just shiki (a vampire anime) as a whole then this would fit. I was originally going to give this book a three it started out painfully cliché and slow and sexual but then by the end I couldn't put it down. It's by no means perfect but it also does NOT deserve all the backlash it's getting

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