Sunday, December 19, 2010

BR: Black blood

Black blood


Characters: Sita, Joel, Ray. Ray only appears twice before he's put on a bus shall we say. Joel is a cop who wants to help sita similar to ray he is a one shot character. Sita on the other hand seems more human here, she cries and is running out of luck no longer miss perfect B

Story: Similar to “the last vampire” this story starts out slow and with sexual imaginary most will want to shove into the back of their mind and leave there but after a few chapters it picks up. The mystery here was done very well and will have readers guessing like watching CSI with paranormality thrown in. Unlike “the last vampire” Black blood is more mystery and drama then action/thirller/mysery. The mystery was intriguing but the drama it could have done with out. Once the mystery was solved (and an innuendo was cleared up to mean something really innocent but still freaky non the less) all that was left was to catch the bad guy. Slimier to book one this starts out slow but gets good fast. The last three chapters were like reading something from NCIS very mechanic and orderly somewhat periodical but still exciting to read C

Cover: Check “The last vampire” review

Rating: using a manga rating OT for older teens

Company: simon pulse

My rating : 3 of 5 A bit of iriony here because for some reason everyone who rates this book low always says this one was better then the first I disagree. This one I found boring and had to force myself to get though just so I can get to the last one. This was not up to par with last vampire

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