Friday, December 31, 2010

AR: Shiki

Shiki review

Art: What. The. HECK?! So this anime is likeable more for its characters and story then art work. Ok so not internally true the art work is nice but you have to give it five eps to get used to.

Its unique that is all. C

Characters: Like code geass there are so many characters it's hard to keep up. Unlike code geass there is very little characterization but very little doesn't mean not at all. Viewers will hate some characters and love others but even if you hate a character his or her death will make you cry, gasp, and recoil in disgust. This has to do with lack of characterization we as viewers don't get to know the characters well but at the same time you can't help but care for some of them even ones you've only seen once B

Story: Wow what a roller coaster. It starts off slowly then gets going faster and faster and then ends so ambiguously and yet not your still left with questions but also the mystery is solved. Shiki is a vampire anime with “mysterious” deaths going on in this village though the viewer already knows what is going on. This story pushes themes of life, death, peace, being Forsaken by God, isolation, and others and while this isn't as thought provoking as Code geass. This anime does leave a “now what” feeling. This anime is a who do I root for the vampires or the humans seeing as they are both the victims. There is wrong and right and the big blur of gray. A

Rating: TV-14 However viewers strongly cautioned ep 14. 18-22 are extremely disturbing and gory and should have a viewer discretion advised and or MA warning

Company: Damue

My rating : 5 of 5 only because the last few episodes really pulled me in and didn't let go and after a while I was craving this anime and excited for thursdays only because this anime is on. Admittedly it did start slow, the ending left so many questions, and yes it was to bloody at times and yes I wimperd at some character deaths but thats what made this anime so different. Also I figured what better way to end the year then with an anime review since I started reviewing with manga I'll end the year with an anime. More importantly an anime that just ended giving the new year a clean slate..with books I read in 2010.... awkward

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