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AR: Shiki

Shiki review

Art: What. The. HECK?! So this anime is likeable more for its characters and story then art work. Ok so not internally true the art work is nice but you have to give it five eps to get used to.

Its unique that is all. C

Characters: Like code geass there are so many characters it's hard to keep up. Unlike code geass there is very little characterization but very little doesn't mean not at all. Viewers will hate some characters and love others but even if you hate a character his or her death will make you cry, gasp, and recoil in disgust. This has to do with lack of characterization we as viewers don't get to know the characters well but at the same time you can't help but care for some of them even ones you've only seen once B

Story: Wow what a roller coaster. It starts off slowly then gets going faster and faster and then ends so ambiguously and yet not your still left with questions but also the mystery is solved. Shiki is a vampire anime with “mysterious” deaths going on in this village though the viewer already knows what is going on. This story pushes themes of life, death, peace, being Forsaken by God, isolation, and others and while this isn't as thought provoking as Code geass. This anime does leave a “now what” feeling. This anime is a who do I root for the vampires or the humans seeing as they are both the victims. There is wrong and right and the big blur of gray. A

Rating: TV-14 However viewers strongly cautioned ep 14. 18-22 are extremely disturbing and gory and should have a viewer discretion advised and or MA warning

Company: Damue

My rating : 5 of 5 only because the last few episodes really pulled me in and didn't let go and after a while I was craving this anime and excited for thursdays only because this anime is on. Admittedly it did start slow, the ending left so many questions, and yes it was to bloody at times and yes I wimperd at some character deaths but thats what made this anime so different. Also I figured what better way to end the year then with an anime review since I started reviewing with manga I'll end the year with an anime. More importantly an anime that just ended giving the new year a clean slate..with books I read in 2010.... awkward

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New years blogaloutions

While looking though Blogs I found “Blogging and Reading Resolutions for 2011” by the Hiding Spot and at first I was like “phft forget that I already have two new years entries to type” But here I am making one while working on the other entries. So what do I want to do for these blogs?

  1. Change the BG and Banners

    So for 2011 I promise to try and change the BG and banner on CF and banner on GOTS why? Because it's a new year and for that everything should be shiny and new and a shiny new icon too I'm going to start looking and asking around about it

  1. Have a better schedule for my entries and reviews

    ugh right I have no schedule and thats not exactly a good thing when trying to make a fan base right? So this year I'm going to try to make a schedule to the best of my ablity but I have a better handle on my schedule and when I'll be at a keyboard and with book in hand etc. but NOTHING is certitude things can change but I gots a game plan

  2. Have more diversify in what I read (kinda)

    Similar to the hiding spot I to stick to YA books and manga I am breaking out of that a bit with the Mercy Thompson series and thats good but I realized while writing a post how I'm letting something stupid like homosexuality keep me from reading a great book so I'm planning on reading “Dash and lily's book of dares” However this won't come soon I have 24 books on my TBR list before then so this is a coming soon thing.

  3. Not be concerned/worried with when I get a review up or book read

    I'm a paranoid little thing who gets worked up when I don't post something and worry about something bad happening. But no more I'm going to let things flow and whenever I get a book done is when I get it done no more rushing or worrying just plain out fun books are going to be fun again

  4. Not be paranoid/worried that I'm not going to like a book right way no matter what

    This has happened many many times and normally my gut is right however this feeling normally happens when I get a book as a gift or buy it myself unless it's part of a series already know I enjoy. And I'm sick of it! So no more exceptions or worriers that I'll hate it (this applies only to book ones of series such as siren or something) so no more of that

Furthermore that is my five things blog related for my resolution idk what my actual resolution will be but eh w/e I got this done now to finish the others.

Also that challenge thing I started doing I quite some books I'm still going to read but just because they have been on my TBR shelf for so long now

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Sex, cussing and homosexuality: Wrong or right in fiction


Now on to the fun part young, strictly relgious, and CMP tend to shy away from books that have sex in it now in the world of ours thats almost a “taboo” topic to a pint However some YA books put it in there. Everyone freaks because All sex sceans are the same right? Here are two examples(not the whole scean depending how long it is) after those three I'll tell you what I think/see when I read them

Grace pulled the blankets up over us and we kicked off our clothes beneath them. As we pressed our bodies against each other I shrugged off my skin with a growl, giving in, neither wolf nor man, just sam

pg 294, Shiver, Maggie Stirfvater

it was not the lamps however that immediately caught my eyes but tess and adam tangled naked on the floor in front of the fire hollywood tv soft porn, Much pawing going on sucking and kissing and licking” - pg 127, the toll bridge, Adam chambers

Note: that scean goes on he explains how animalistic it seemed etc

Both of these are Young adult books yeah I kid you not The toll bridge is YA. I met the author and he talks of sex a little to much mind you I was seventeen while reading that and it as a different passige that made me blush. Both of these depict sex both of these are shocking and I accept them for what they are though teen sex is something do not like Maggie stirfavet pulls it off well and makes it seem magical and sweet very passionate and first time. While The toll bridge is more realisic and gritty, animalistic, If I were a mother to a Young adult (14-21) I would give them “Shiver” any time weather they be 14 or 19 the Toll bridge I would give them some where at 16-20 since it is a coming of age story and finding yourself. But some people would shun both books and keep their kid or themselves so sheltered that it will hurt the people in the long run if they never learn. Irony time? Any of us who are anime and manga fans are subjected to sex or sexual jokes more so then within books because “cartoons and comics” are for kids and parents don't pay attention. Also for us older fans on art sites we are subjected to it more then in books. Irony time will come again with Homosexuality

So bottom line with sex in YA books : unless it is hard porn, utterly or unnecessary graphic in anyway, or just there. Then yes censor it but if it is like what is in “Shiver” or just hevay sexual tension then let it be if you were raised poperly and or if your kids are then they will know right from wrong and know more about sex when they are ready no later no sooner


Example one

you did. You really went. You crazy basterd. I told you it wouldn't do any good”

pg199, linger, Maggie Stirfvater

Example two

burban Expensive shit”

Page 12 tiith, holly balck

Other then that the F bomb is droped many many many times

There is a diffrence there yet again the way Stirfvater Uses that word is a similer way you would hear it used In NCIS but in this case it's also used in a “brotherly term” between two characters. Yes another word would surfice and yes I did cringe when sam used that word once or twice but I didn't put the book down because of it. Now in example two and through out that book there is no reason for it they are just foul mouthed jerks. Within anime and manga there are bad words but it's not every other word and for the most part its fighting anime but sometimes it can be distasteful.

I personally don't like cussing but unlike sex which I am learning about and talk about and am accepting cussing will always be a turn off for me and always will be I hate the F bomb and hate foul words. I never type them in my stories or comics and never use them.

So bottom line with Cussing in YA books : Its there, and as much as good people try to avoid it there is no avoiding it since everyone uses it. This is something I would say cesor but in moderation if it is tasteful or like one or two bad words through out the story and its a good story I say let the kid read it. If it's overpowering the book and F bombs every other word then by all means pass the book up

and last but not least


First a little history so there is no backlash/flame later on. I grew up with anime and in a good catholic home now good doesn't mean strict like no harry potter by any means. With in anime and through my religion I learned that homosexual acts not the people themselves but the acts are a sin. And that Boy love in anime is both popular and not for me. I've watch torchwood and love jack harkness and ianto as a couple but hate watching them kiss. I have two lesiban friends and the one is My BOFF (Best online friend forever) sometimes I wish there was a dude almost exactly like her but w/o the past issues so I could have my soulmate etc etc. Point is when I say I tolerate that stuff I mean in real life and I'm slowly moving into literature though the gay kissing will..make me go blah. However I will always and forever despise It in anime and manga thats just how I am. So when you are thrown it in media day after day its understandable to not like it

But it's not going to go away I sadly have no quote examples on me sorry. But I do have examples

lets anylize what this person suppostly said “. But what made this review bad was the fact that the girl said the summary sounded so amazing and she really wanted to read it, however because of the gay romance in the book, it really turned her off. She even asked why authors have to put gay people in books and ruin them.” First a comment where in the bloody description does it even HINT at a Gay romance? So this will have to do first off not everyone is open minded or maybe they are strict religiously just because you won't read a book because something you don't like be it magic, gay romance, werewolves, vampires, paranormalness is the main focus is OK. That is fine however since we do not know how the person worded this it could have come off as ignorant and CM ish even if they didn't mean it that way. The last part is where examples come in I'm going to list six manga and six written books out of these six one or two may or may not have GLBT characters in them lets see if you can guess




angel star

the Toll bridge


the ghosts of ashbury high



A record of a fallen vampire

somedays dreamer

cardcaptors sakura

dengeki daisy

Drama con

Ok times up if you guessed any one of the books you would have been wrong if you guessed gravitation and cardcaptors sakura with the manga you would be right now by looking or flipping thought cardcaptors sakura you would never have guessed it but CLAMP is BIG on Soulmates of any pairing boy x boy boy x girl girl x girl etc and they do it in a very innocent way too. Point is you can only Tolerate don't hate

So bottom line with homosexuals in YA books : if it's the prime story then just don't read or comment about it in a public way rant about it in your jurnal at home but not on the webs. If it is a minor thing then enjoy the book or don't but ignore what you don't like if it's inbetween (ie a part of the plot but not the main part) then I don't know what to tell you

Round up of the year 2010 or in bookworm terms the x amount of books you read

So smiler to how people have the weekly round up I decided to have a year round up with how many books I read, most remembered anticipated book/s of the year, the characters who camped out in your head long after the book was finished,etc

Amount of books read this year


This Could be off since I couldn't keep exact track but I tried

The most anticipated books for 2010

Linger by maggie stiefvater

Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

Books bought with own money

Linger by maggie stiefvater

Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

Bloody kisses (manga)

nightmare of nunnely (manga, gift for friend)

Cirque du freak (manga, gift for friend)

Nightmare inspector (manga, gift for friend)

The characters who wouldn't leave you alone after finishing

Sam roth from linger (of course he's not leaving anytime soon)

Riley and Amelia from the ghosts of ashbury high ( these two didn't leave my head for a month and 3 weeks after finishing and low and behold they still linger there from time to time)

Varen from nevermore

Series I've started and plan to continued

Nevermore series (3 books)

Angel star series (2 books)

+Anima series (10 books)

13 to life series (3 books)

Mercy Thompson (6 books)

Series I've continued

The wolves of mercy falls series

The sand chronicles series

Amount of reviews


I could be off by one or two yet again

So thats it for books of 2010 but heres a sneek peak at 2011 with most anticipated book for 2011?

Forever- by maggie stiefvater hands down the most anticipated book though some honorable mentions go to, Nevermore 2, kindred and secrets and shadows.

so what else? Well you'll just have to wait and see

Death Note Best Wallpaper

Death Note Best Wallpaper

Death Note Best Pictures

waiting on Wensday (12)

The thrilling conclusion to #1 bestselling Shiver trilogy from Maggie Stievater

In Maggie Stiefvater's SHIVER, Grace and Sam found each other. In LINGER, they fought to be together. Now, in FOREVER, the stakes are even higher than before. Wolves are being hunted. Lives are being threatened. And love is harder and harder to hold on to as death comes closing in. - summery from good reads

The first thing I added to my TBR shelf as soon as I joined Goodreads Forever the last book in the series and its going to be hard to let go once it's done shiver was the only book in any series to make me cry like I did and finding any books similar to shiver is going to be hard but am I excited? YES!! sam and Grace will always be my favorite couple july 2011 can't come fast enough (forever and harry potter and tdh part2 in one summer? Wow best summer right?) Am scared for these characters now thats how real they are to the readers

Card Captor Sakura Anime Wallpaper

Card Captor Sakura  Anime Wallpaper

Card Captor Sakura Anime Wallpaper

Chibis Naruto and Friends

Chibis Naruto

Naruto Shippuden - Anime wallpaper

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YA vs Adult books: what makes them so different from each other?

After starting my very first “Adult” book (and loving it) I thought of some things one of these things was “what makes this unmarketable to Young adults?” well the politics and such the details etc but thats besides the point. So here is what I gathered from both

Young adult books

-Girls as main character/narrators

-Sometimes they are strong female characters other times not so much

-parents are either MIA,neglectful, or dead

-paranormal love or creatures

-Sexual tension sometimes very high

-very rarely is there sex however there can be talk of sex but that is rare

  • new kid in town

  • struggle for normality in romance, school, parents ect

  • blood

  • death

  • bad words

Adult books

  • paranormal creatures

  • love on the sidelines

  • lots of little details and setting up the world

  • lots of explaining the characters and their backgrounds

  • bad words

  • possible smut or erotic sex scenes

  • death

  • blood/gore

  • murder

  • assertive independent women

  • many many characters

Wow right? Thats a big difference right? So now this raises some questions and I think I have some answers

What separates YA from Adult books?

You mean other then the book shelves that clearly mark each section. Ok so the answer to this is demographic and attention span teens have a 15 minute attention span if a book hasn't sucked them in in the first 15 minutes then they won't read it. Also as stated the Gore, heavy detail and possible uncensored sex scenes as well but I think it's more the attention span reason? Look at high schools what the highlight of there day? Sex ed and that demo on why not to drive drunk. Yeah I don't think violence and gore could rile most teens now a days but I'm probably wrong

what are some binding elements in YA and adult books?

Both deal with the supernatural/paranormal and have some catch and some really amazing covers both have females as there lead and both tell a captivating story or fail trying

Some differences?

YA books tend to focus more on rush and time and the page flipping element, also the main females are normally very disney and “woo is me” or can't live with out there boyfriend. Also school, family, and relationship issues are heighten to the max. whilst in adult novles its eaither one side of the scale or the other either really compelling or really boring all in one book also the main characters are strong and independent or grow to become that way. Also sex and relationships are more...steamy hot tv soft porn sometime (or so thats what I think anyway) but not always but relationships are always an underlineing factor while something bigger is the main focus

What makes an adult book for adults?

For example I wouldn't hesitate to give a 17-18 year old the first book in the Mercy Thomson series but really it comes down to smut and how much sex is in it and how bad it is thats what makes Adult books Adult that and the little details

What makes an adult?

This is something me and my friend have fun talking about I think it has to do with how mature someone is I know a 12 year old who reads Stephan king as did my friend in eleventh grade it all depends how people see it. Back in Shakespeare's time it was perfectly fine legal and dandy for a 13 year old to marry a 25 year old or something to that effect so see its just about the mind set.

Are the covers a turn off?

Maybe but look at the covers below

an you tell which is an adult and which is a YA? ok ok yes you can but point is the covers can be a turn off but the YA ones are just as bad sometimes. and never judge a book by its cover remeber?

Could the demographic for YA read an adult book?

Heck yes if it is the right series that is and as long as they are mature about it

Best YA books that boarder on adult

Hush hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice by christopher pike

So I hope this was intresting and I hope this makes others want to blog about the topic as well

Kakashi Hatake from Naruto Anime


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Cute Anime Santa Girl

Cute Girl Christmast Suit

Cute Santa Girl Anime

Anime Cute Santa Girl

Sexy Anime Santa Girl
Sexy Santa Girl Anime

Cute Anime Santa Girl

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Dual Anime Series

El Hazard Anime series

waiting on Wensday (11)

Final Touching Volume!

Daigo digs up the time capsule he buried twenty years ago when he was only ten. What message did Daigo leave for his future self? And what does it take to live life fully and without regret? -summery from good reads

Another end to an amazing work of art I've kept up with the story for so long it's going to be sad not having anymore to look forward to even though books 9 and 10 are fillers or epilogs of sorts I'm still excited and sand to see this one go this one is coming out january 2011

Bubble Gum Crisis Anime

Burn Up Best Animes Movie

Black Butler II Anime series

Best Anine Ai Yori Aoshi Wallpapers

Best Anine Ai Yori Aoshi WallpapersBest Anine Ai Yori Aoshi Wallpapers

Ai Yori Aoshi Best PicsAi Yori Aoshi Best Pics

Ai Yori Aoshi Manga ImagesAi Yori Aoshi Manga Images
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