Saturday, November 20, 2010

What books do part II

So the answer? What do books do? Everyone has a different answer but I think the universal one is this: THEY MAKE YOU THINK and more impotently they challenge what you know in some cases.

You just had a bad day and you think it can't get any worse (and probably right) but then you pick up The book thief by Markus Zusak or some other book and realize things could be worse. They transport you and your problems so you are experiencing someone else's problems making you view your problems differently. Another Example is 13 to life by Shannon Delny and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater two books that make you think about fate, life, how long we have to live, love, authority, what would you do for love etc. and more in a different light. But they also challenge as seen from book ban week they challenge our and other peoples version of ideal. As my friend told me once when it comes to rated R movies “ Anything with a message isn't censored anything with a real meaning” and I probably got that wrong but it's the same with books as well. I'm not saying hand a seven year old a copy of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer What I am saying is Teens and young adults (The definition of which is 14-25) should have a choice if they want to read something edgy and with meaning or not. Absolutely everyone gets something out of a book I think more so if its fiction. Teens will listen to the main character of a book then they will their parents because that character is their age or close they show that things can get down right awful but there is always a bit of hope. In high school you already have that sheep mantaility going on everyone telling you what to do where to go. But they should have the option of books at least. Books change the way you view the world I've read many books and manga Angel star by Jennifer Mergai and Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens made me have a kind of religious unraveling and helped me see things differently and possibly deepened my faith . One positive thing that happened in my life when it comes to books is I made some really cool friends on the internet about them and rekindled a friendship with an old friend over books at the library. A negative is I lost twi friends not over books per say because that wasn't the braking point but it was the start since they felt differently about some books then I did. People should not state they want such and such book off a library shelf all children are not equal I know two people of the same age one detestation all rated T for teen manga violence gore etc whilst the other is reading a Stephen king novel with out getting to spooked. Books open so many cans of worms here but the basics are this: Anyone under the age of fourteen should have a parent look at the book and then have the parent give the OK but it should be the reader's final decision, books should also be looked into more then just a pretty cover. Anyone who tries to make kids ignorant by pulling a book off the shelf and not letting them decided for themselves is not preparing the kind later on in life ex. If the library at our library pulled twilight, harry potter, speak, and other YA books from the shelves because parents asked them to the kids would be left in the dark about teamwork, abstances, rape, and a lot of stuff books teach now if the kid says “I don't want to read that because of the content” then thats different thats them saying that and making that decision.

To wrap this up Here is (I hope) all of the entries made by various outraged people during book ban month I hope I got the majority of them. High schoolers and college students should not be left in the dark and be treated like ignorant school children. Also It also accrued to me that it shouldn't matter if its book ban “Month” or not when I post this since books are challenged EVERYDAY by someone and that someone may or may not be of authority but why should that matter? Kids (at least in my old high school) barely read anymore and that is a shame and a tragedy. I think more of us should be like lisa from The Book Thief read and learn and devore words love them hate them and realize they have power also realize that by denying others or yourself knowledge (example- never learning about “hanky panky” any further then what the school glosses over)will hurt you in the long run you should never deny your self a book because of the content if your going to say “eh I'm not going to read this one” let it be because your books sick, let it be because the writing doesn't grab you, let it be because its overly graphic and your not ready, but never let it be solely because some illiterate man or women or parent or teacher said no.

PS. How many of us have heard the bell ring or had a friend shake us out of reading because of class and your in a daze? Like you don't know where you are for a minute? -Raises hand- this happens to me a lot especially when I was in reading hall in high school -laughs-

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