Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tsukasa Bullet CL 022 Sound Pretty Figure

Tsukasa Bullet CL 022 Sound Pretty Figure

From its CREATORS' LABO, Yamato reveals its latest masterwork: TSUKASA BULLET - Sound Pretty. Inspired by the works of character designer Jun Tsukasa (Senogoku Cannon/Blade) which artfully blend sci-fi and art deco design, this stylish 11.80" PVC statue features the sculpting talent of Kang Yong of Cerberus Project TM. Full of rich, delicate details that will amaze, Creators' Labo #022: TSUKASA BULLET - Sound Pretty captures that perfect moment of surprise when the girl with the headphones realizes her CD player isn't so portable. Window boxed. Accessories: Headphones, CD Player/old fashion looking radio thing, Base. She is a bit over 11" tall.

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