Thursday, November 18, 2010

next top model

so this weeks theme on next top model was to adopt your self in a ballooned enviroment and play with your shapely we have some pics take a look:this is my top picture i find it completely shows a model that knows how to work her body correctly and fool around (in a good way )with the background.Her body is really well exercised ,she has the right curves for a model and as far as i can see her face is overeacting.. despite the drawbacks of her face i m gonna say congratulations to that beautiful girl... 

i can say that here we have a big faulire ...nice face,characteristics but where is your body? gar the balloon like you are afraid of being captured by the camera..

even though she is quite beautiful and has the correct body proportions she completely destroyed the picture ,you should have shown as your front part and play with the balloons in a more girly way..

also really nice picture...

really nice :)

oo she is like a fairy :)also love it :)

great muscles and body :) gorgeous ..

they ve said she wasnt good enough to move on in the tv show so that girl is off,despite her bad luck im gonna congratulate her for her prettyness ...think she is going to be good  enough so as to take place in fashion shows :)

nice try :)

chinese beauty like a little  plastic doll !

here is our gorgeous mammy :)

yeah great ...but where are u???the picture you created is really abstracted


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