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My 100th post, what do books do part one

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So back in september I believe was banned book month (I apologize for not doing this one sooner). However I didn't want to run into it blindly I wanted my statement to mean something a little more then fowl words towards an illiterate man. I hope I do well. To make a long story short this is my 100th post as such I wanted to do something special and for me thats talking about something I'm passionate about

in this case books the other topic that I can rambling on and on about it manga and to never judge a book by its cover. But where here for the books so -claps- with that the big question everyone was asking way back in september.

What do books do?*

Well what do people think? Your always going to have a positive and a negative side on this as you will on any media but books especially if you haven't noticed. I am team switzerland I can see both the positive and the negative. So first whats the negative of what books do? They can break a friendship, they can isolate, then can start fan wars, they can make you feel less then you should, they can make a cult, they can cause fear For example people feared Harry potter by J.K Rowling would start a cult and that it promoted witch craft and was evil. Admittedly a lot of this came from religions and families. Back in WWII Hitler used to have book burnings ironically some people still burn books as a way of “destroying the evil” I think or just for the lolz its pretty sad. But where there is negative there is positive too What are some positives books do? Well other then getting kids to read, they bring people together, help strike up a conversation, keep you off drugs or doing bad things, transport you to a different world for free, give people jobs, teach, give hope, enlighten, make people feel good, And you can indulging in something bad with out it harming your health or relationships. Two examples First with the indulging in bad, I'll let you in on a secret publishers and even authors enjoy when their book is challenged why? Because it gets more people to read them because lets face it we are all rebels in that sense we have all read that one book that maybe your mom or dad said not to for this reason or has made you blush. Of course teens and kids want to read those books that people have said “NO” to why? Because we want to see for our selves if it really is that bad. The second example is Good reads, Blogger, reviewing, books give us a hobby but they also bring us together I love seeing when someone Loves Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater just as much as I do and love looking into what others enjoy.

So whats the answer? Think you can wait till part two? I'll leave part one with this We all get something from reading there is always going to be a character out there that you relate to personally or a group of them.

Those fictional people are not fictional to us.

Reason I state this now is because I'm going to rant about it a little** bit more in part two

*I apologize for not linking to the original post but I couldn't find it however I believe it was started by Mindful musings

** try a whole page

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