Thursday, November 18, 2010

MR:Cirque du freak

Cirque du freak


Art: Very astro boy (1950's) meets soul eater style in a nutshell its 1950's meets horror in the ways of anime art defendant shonen but with a bit of umph, the faces in this one is enough to freak anyone out B

Characters: Darren, steve, and Mr. crisply Other then steve looks like that guy from Bleach the characters are all mirror images of the originals at least in personality steve is even more creepy in this one then he is in the books. Nothing else to say B

Story: Oh you adaptations please get something right for once. Ok in all seriousness and distance between reading the book and the manga it didn't do all that bad. Admittedly it omitted the beginning but that could be an improvement. The hints of Darrens love of spiders and nicknames and such was so obvious that it was trying to fallow the book and trying to hard. This is not the worst adaptation ever it got all of book one in one novel instead of cutting it up or rushing. The story fallows pretty close to the original and doesn't go off on a tangent B

Cover:Steve and Darren at the top with a pretty water colored sky then the title then the moon and the creepy abounded place the freaks preformed at Steve looks like that guy from BLECH and the moon and abounded place looks like something out of Soul eater A

Rating: T for teen for violence and language

Company: Yen press

My rating : 3 of 5 unlike the orginal book (which by the time I got onto good reads I couldn't remember if I liked it or not) this was...mediocre? Idk it just didn't stick with me and yet again I'm thankful this is a gift for a friend and I know he will like it since he liked the movie and books so yeah not really my thing but it wasn't for me so yeah over all blan but if your a fan of the books you may like it

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