Monday, November 15, 2010

MR: Nightmare of Nunnally

Nightmare of Nunnally


Art: Panty shots aplenty total of five but the art is nice otherwise. Compared to the orginal code geass art work this is more neon genesis Evangeline meets zoids aka heavy 1990's look to the people and heavy on the mecha work not that thats a bad thing but the art is geared more towered guys in this one. B-

Characters: Nunnally is the main protagonist here and can really kick butt in this one. She is still her kind natured self but we are introduced to her other half her darker half as well as her friend Alice who may or may not be hiding something. Lelouch and C.C fade into the background and susazku is non existent. C

Story: This story is an AU or alternate universe and boy is it ever Nunnally has a geass. For all you geass readers out there re read that. Nunnally. Has. a. Geass. Shocking. The story is the same as in the orginal just swap out lulu for his sister. The action is weak one fight in this one book of five chapters? Should have been a little bit more. Lots of talking so if you dislike wordy manga then turn away. It has a good idea and hopefully that idea is fleshed out better in later issues for now its just weak D

Cover: Colorful by the looks of it you wouldn't think this was aimed at the male geographic but it is. Nunnally in her wheelchair in her school uniform with her paper crane and her alternate self behind her with a pink x or the geass symbol behind that A

PS. I am aware that the cover is in japanese however it is I guess hard to find it in english seeing as even on amazon the picture for it was in japanese but I thankfully got the english version this is a one time fluke and I apologize

Rating: T for teen for nudity and panty shots

Company: Bandi entertainment

My rating : 2 of 5 thankfully I didn't get this for me I got it for my friend and I hope he likes it but it really needed more action slighly ironic when in the anime I wanted more drama and less mecha fights here I get that and am asking for the other way around lol

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