Monday, November 22, 2010

MR: Nightmare inspector

Nightmare inspector


Art: Eye popping jaw dropping stunning. The manga is very Gothic in style with sharp features and lots of black and white contrast. The character art work is stunning and will leave you aching for more A+

Characters: Hiruko and his clients unlike xxxholic there is no bigger plot to the story at least not yet meaning the characters are flitting except for Hiruko and his assistant. Hiruko seems like a cold jerk or the best at reverse psychology ever you decided. He is also very good looking for something non human. So is he a hero or a monster? A saint or a demon? Uncaring? He is a mystery. For now his assistant is just there but hopefully more about them both will be reveled. B

Story: Each chapter is one story the last story is split into a to be continued. Reason this is of any importance is because the ending of each story is left ambiguous even though the main point of the story its self ends. The stories themselves are utterly creative and scary like xxxHolic cranked up five times over. The main theme is about this shop with this baku or dream eater in it. customers come into his shop to ask him to help them with their bad dreams he asks for nothing in return but to eat the dream that is his food. Just like the nightmares these stories are utterly addicting A

Cover: Black with the Shop and hiruko on it. Very detailed Hiruko is probably waiting for his next meal. This cover isn't flahy in the same sense as a shojo manga but it is very striking and eye catching A

Rating: T for teen but viewer discretion advised

Company: Viz media

My rating : 4 of 5 wow! Just wow! I think the rating is low but it should be rated OT but thats ok I love this manga anyway despite the 4 out of 5 and am going to continue or at least read book 2

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