Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MR: Cactus secret

Cactus's secret review

Art: Shojo of course. The eyes are very soft looking and the use of screentones is right on not to much not to little. The angles the soft feeling of it its so cliché but so comforting. However the lack of diffrence in the look of the male characters can get irritating A

Characters: Miku and Kyohei. Miku is a love struck girl a determined love struck girl thats the only thing you really get from her though the lack of crying at every little thing is a positive change from normal lovey dovey shojo. Kyohei is a cute..airhead. He is the complete oblivious airhead but we all love him for it though sometimes it can get to much. The fact that he does grow just a little by the end does make it worth it though B-

Story: Girl likes guy, guy is oblivious, girl wants to confess feelings to oblivious boy the story never really moved on from that or got past level one of stalker with a crush minus the staking more puppy love obsession. The story is one tracked of that. For what it is however it is a sweet enduring puppy love shojo which compared to say black bird is nice to see something with out so much..sexual tension and more “will she get him or won't she?” nothing to write home about but nothing to pass up either C

Cover: Darker colors then Good reads has you believe shocking if your not expecting it. Her dyed blond hair looks dark blond almost orange and she's riding a moped very eye catching and flashy with pinks and oranges it screams “Watch out I'm here and can't stop” literally B

Rating: T for teen

Company: Shojo beat

My rating : 4 of 5 Hard to rate I was debating if it was worth the money but the cute loveable characters made me realize it was whether anyone else feels the same I don't know this is a hit or miss manga and either you love it or barrow it from a library if you have the chance barrow it from the library or someone but if you have to buy it it's not the end of the world or the worst manga out there

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