Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Isabella Blow(pics)

Isabella Blow we know her as an international fashion icon ,also Vogues fashion editor.She was the muse of the hat designer Philip Treacy.We love her for her totally unique style ,that since now noone has ever tried to copy it :)Mysterious eccentric ,with unique beaty ...now she has no longer gone ,mystery is still kept behind her tragic death...I know you will propably ask me why so  much sause,you didnt even know her ...yes i didnt in fact i learnt about her about a week ago..here in Greece we dont have so many fashion icons,in fact we dont even have one that deserves my attention ,but that woman since i ve read her biografy she stinged my interest ...it seemed to me like a magic fairy tale with a bittery end...you know fashion haute couture,hats lots of them psycological problems ,regections ....here i have gathered some pics you might wanna see:

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