Sunday, November 14, 2010

fashion figures( crazy ideas)

Personally i would think a lot before i could dress up like this and express myself in that way...but what i have to mention is that the specific outfit is outstanding!Look at all these stylistic combinations,they match together greatelly!Especially the first picture is something unique..if you think about it these people are inspired from anime characters and try to adopt and fit themselves into these really adorable costumes...

This is something more "elegant".Navy style,beatifully compined with the hat:)Look at the socks!

Yes this is a man!And yes he wears a skirt...and by the way this is complitelly...crazy.But i love it!Ofcourse i wouldnt wear it ,but since there are people that can support such an outfit...i m ok with it:)(OMG! the bottom part reminds me of crazy anime characters.....i still cant belive that he chosen red hosiery!

thies is kinda ...rock,hiphop raper,with a blond mane and some 3D glasses from the last anime movie with unrealistic characters he saw...oh!and yellow yes i love you!Look at him he is like a drawing(stained one)

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