Sunday, November 14, 2010

elegant shoes

So do men see shoes or the well-formed calf?I personally observe the shoes..but i m not a man ...anyway ,today i decided to do a research of shoes..unique shoes,i found lots of photos but i only suspended the pair i thought the most elegant so enjoy:in that picture i  adore the first shoe.It is so well-shaped and formed that i would wear it everywhere(yes i might be a bit eccentric :P)I think its all about geometry.Litlle cubes tied harmoniously on the

heel,giving supportance and a specific oddity to the shoe.Sorry dear readers but the second one cant stand to my eyes as the first.To be honest i wouldnt wear it ;)Classic,unique(again)words cant express the plainness of that navy  blue shoe.I think its really nice i would definetelly sujest it for women who want to make the difference...the heel is everything on that shoe ..just great(by Alexander Mcqueen)

Glittery,shiny,glossy,opalescent words just masterpiece...

i know,i loved it right.and then you that not for me to high to walk on too but it remains indescribable unique.

yeah..nice sexy..with an extra can try to wear it while watching the new Harry potter movie :)

Butterflies ...can you see them?

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