Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BR: 13 to life

13 to life


Characters: Jessica ,Pietr and Pietr's family. Jessica is a YA heroin dealing with grief but not all whinny and why me she is strong though foolish at times and unlike most girls she doesn't fall for pietr right away like Bella did with Edward. Jessica's friend amy is a riot and awesome friend, Sarah...you want to slap her. Pietr is your basic bad boy in a paranormal YA Like a Russian version of Daniel from Dark Divine and a little bit of jacob he is dark, and mysterious but loyal. His family is mysterious but you can love and hate them quickly B

Story: Fluid like water or hot coco, you can't put it down and thirst for more when you do. Predicable mystery but still a blast to read and there is an inability to put this book down despite that predictability . This is not your usual paranormal romance in the least. The story is more mystery with forbidding romance very forbidding. As well as six different plots or plot points weaved into this one story. As a mystery much can't be told here with out giving something away but the basic is there is this girl named Jessica and she has to show pietr around school and with that she becomes entangled in something bigger then she ever realized. It's action packed near the end but oh so seductive before then. This story has a nice spin on the paranormal, an original premise that hopefully will shed some light (moon light?) on these creatures and prove that for every...less then stellar novel about these creatures out there that there are one or two gems in the pack A+

Cover: very blue! But beautiful with the leafless trees and jessica walking to school with pietr's eye and the moon and a tribal looks to the side near the spine very colorful and different and it sets the mood for the book B

Rating: YA young adult

Company: St. Martin's Griffin

My rating : 5 of 5 I couldn't put it down it was so spell binding and I loved pietr and his Russian..ness though I did have a hard time picturing the accents. The characters were so fresh and real and I loved the family. I wanted to hit sara though oh my gosh. But anyway I loved this book there are so so many loss ends to tie up so I will diffidently read book two This is a big deal for me since the only other book I've loved with these creatures are of course the wolves of mercy falls series.

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