Monday, November 22, 2010

Art Of Shunya Yamashita - Naomi Mini-Bust

Art Of Shunya Yamashita - Naomi Mini-Bust

Well known for his work as a video game character designer on such projects as Final Fantasy X and Depth Fantasia, Yamashita-sensei is now equally famous for his figural collaborations with Kotobukiya! Namoi is an anime inspired fever dream made real. Let's run down the checklist: Katana, Shuriken, chains, one single fishnet, tight micro-skirt, wrapped tube top, bobbed haircut, and Japanese baseball jacket. Yes, I think this one truly has all bases covered. Lest we forget, Naomi is absolutely gorgeous with sharp facial features and a contrasting curvy body. Characters in the Art of Shunya Yamashita series are based on illustrations created exclusively for Kotobukiya, and a reproduction of the original art is included on the collectible packaging. Naomi stands over 7-inches tall, including the highly-polished black podium base ordained with intimidating skulls.

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