Saturday, October 16, 2010

Night Shift Nurses Shinjou Remi Statue

Night Shift Nurses Shinjou Remi Statue

This blonde bombshell might not have the ability to cure her patients, but she sure does make them feel a lot better! This 1:7 scale PVC statue of Shinjou Remi stands approximately 10 1/3-inches tall atop her display base. She comes with removable clothing and don't forget her cute pink nurse hat! Night Shift Nurses is a Japanese erotic visual novel by Mink that has spawned a hentai anime series in 2000. The anime was released as ten censored OVAs (Original Video Animation), with two recap episodes (Episode 5.5 and Episode 10.5). The first five were released uncensored in North America in 2002 along with recap Episode 5.5. It is somewhat infamous for its very extreme depictions of sexual fetishes including scat, bondage and torture. Several sequels of this series were made: two official ones, three OVAs and a live-action movie. However, only the first ten episodes can be considered canon. Chief nurse in the maternity ward at St. Juliana Hospital, she is presented as extremely bossy and harsh, especially towards Ryuji, thus becoming the first nurse to experience the doctor's sadism to its extreme. She is not 'clean' from the beginning, and Ryuji calls her a 'killer nurse' from time to time: it is later explained that Remi is responsible for the death of a patient while under the knife, as she administered the anesthetics incorrectly.

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