Sunday, October 17, 2010

MR:Prince of tennis

Challenge 6: Genre Switch-Up

the prince of tennis Vol one


Art: Something unique for a shonen title reminisce of death note with its semi realistic style the eyes of the characters really separates the art work from other titles such as yu yu hakusho or death note. Everything is semi realistic the main characters eyes are different though and big A

Characters: you don't get much characterization here, Ryoma Echizen is the main character and master tennis player and sakuno is his groupie and thats all you really get from the characters here as well as some matches and uncared side characters C +

Story: Done very well even if you know nothing about tennis the story and matches are enjoyable and get your heart racing right along with the characters the story is very addicting and leavers you on a cliff hanger that will makes you want to read about the match in the next issue B

Cover: A cover with movement Echizen about to hit the tennis ball the colors are striking and quick with the title in a tennis ball with a racket behind it. The racket is distracting but thats the only distracting thing abut the cover A

Rating: A for all (this really is a schock for most)

Company: Shonen jump

My rating : 4 out of five the “8th and 9th” graders look more like teenagers and sports really isn't my thing but I am going to barrow book two so I can read the match I watched in the anime so I give it credited for a A for all manga is not so bad

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