Friday, October 22, 2010


Bakuman vol one


Art: The art is done by the same artist who did death note. Its advanced shonen style hard crisp but with a smuge of realism somewhere A+

Characters: Mashiro, akito, azuki, at first glance mashiro seems like a depressed winey kid and very annoying but after a few pages he loosens up a little. Akito is the guy who is a brainiac and schemes things and started this whle story he is the wise guy and azuki the love interest of mashiro and really thats it the characterizations is so dull but more on that in the story D-

Story: Slice of life to the fullest extent the story is one of what it takes to be a manga-ka (comic book artist) and two boys teaming up to be manga-ka team and make manga the characters are dull but its not there fault the story is dull with a capital D slice of life doesn't have to be this “Sand Chronicles” for example is a slice of life with life, drama, humor, romance, human interaction. Bakuman has non of that its more of an instruction manual then manga and most of the stuff akito says is lost on most readers who are looking for a good read with out much thought F

Cover: uberly detailed with mashiro looking at his g-pen listening to music the title looks like it was drawn and planned to be colored in (by mashiro no doubt) and got half way done but looks well done A

Rating: T for teen

Company: Shonen jump

My rating : 3 pf 5 honestly it dissevers lower but I just couldn't bring myself to do it for one reason or another but this book basicly bore me

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