Saturday, October 16, 2010

MR: Vermonia quest for the silver tiger

Vermonia quest for the silver tiger


Art: Similar to twilight at first glance this manga looks beautiful with a color inserted poster, and two color pages but then you read it and get into the nitty gritty the line wight varies, normal except in varies in one panel with a character we just see the lines go from thick to thin the faces are all over the place on the face and while making a look down face for example is instead squished on the head, the screen tones are in places they shouldn't be, sloppy character placement and camera angles sloppy presentation F

Characters: What characters? Oh the kids and that thing these characters are so dry to topi it off you don't get proper interdiction to them ie the narrator box that says “Hi, Im naomi ect”. Its your typical magic girl but worse. Out of the 14 characters they shove down your throat at best you'll remember one name, the humans are so bland and there is a cute thing that looks like a reject artwork of the Pokemon manphy. So forgettable and overused F

Story: Confusing there is a two page color insert that gives a quick insight into this world and usual chosen children plot then it illiterates exactly what it said only in 11 pages this time. We see the kids talk about a skatepark and with no nothing seems they are in a band too or something, honestly the story is stupid and can't focus on what it wants the wording is awful too and doesn't match the action sometimes not just that but characters sudden knowing things and very questionable imagery the story is forgettable and makes you flip pages to makes sure you didn't miss something F

Cover: see that boy? He is NOT the lead character he is a main character but not the leader so over all not bad and eye catching nice earth tones though it kind of spoils the story a bit D+

Rating: Ages 8 and up

Company: candle wick press

My rating : 1 of 5 I was so happy to finish so I could review. This book is full of wrong including pictures on page 55,57, and 59, that are either rape or porn depending on how it looks the story making no sense and what really makes me want to throw it against something? THE RATING first off what 8-18 year old would be able to fallow this? Second the pictures I mentioned are like this but more snakes, licking, and sweating would you let an 8 year old look at that? So yeah not a good manga so many flaws

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