Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MR: Sayonara, Zersubou- sensei

Challenge one: read my dopple ganger

Sayonara, Zersubou- sensei vol one


Art: Gag manga has a style all their own, it's not shojo or shonen it just is. Very simple almost overly simple with not shading what so ever just lines and the crosshatch method for coloring and solid black and whites very simple and basic B+

Characters: Depressing but in a good way (zetsubou) or Mr. despair is the most depressingly hopeless character in manga ever and his class is no better. Lets see there's the overly positive girl, the perfectionist, the split personality, illegal immigrant, the stalker, the ordinary girl, and the abused possibly more. All the characters are uniques yet stereotypical perfect for a gag like this A+

Story: Bella swan should read this manga since “stalking is true love” this manga isn't for everyone there are squeak and awkward moments that will despair lesser souls. Like most manga vol one is the intro manga where each chapter introduces a character whats different about this one (other then the characters themselves) is that this manga has 10 chapters, queer for a manga. The stories are a hit and miss one chapter will be very funny while the next will be OK. After the first two chapters it's easy to fall into the rhyme and understand the humor. The humor is black humor baby in a blender stuff B

Cover: pink with Mr. Disper on the front nothing to flashy or eye catching like other covers D

Rating: OT for older teens, creepy naked man, themes of death, violence, panty shots and black humor

Company: Del ray

My rating : 3 of 5 like I said the humor is hit or miss or a little too dark but for a gag manga its not bad

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