Saturday, October 23, 2010

MR: black bird

Black bird


Art: It's shojo but unlike vampire knight its not soft shojo more like “beast master” with the comical shojo style to it (humor/romance manga has its own look to it) despite the art being well done the scenes can get erotic at times and almost squick worthy (such as the pictures on page 66 and 78) but other then that the art is well done B

Characters: Misao and kyo. Misao is like most manga characters in a paranormal setting she knows what she wants and doesn't want and not afraid to say so. Kyo on the other hand is patch in manga form he will do everything sexual in the book to misao little quips like “ I have to teach your body that” do not help his personality at all as he falls into the red zone of boyfriend don'ts C

Story: The story is of a girl who can see demons and is awaiting her friends return, however things aren't like misao remembers them. The story is a love triangle but with demons it sounds alright enough but it can be very resque and very akward for those of us who are not fans of could be rape situations but in all honesty there wasn't anything different about the story C-

Cover: Misao and kyo with kyo holding her arm and her looking away crying with blood on his cheek and on her kimono the colors are nice and somber B

Rating: T+ for older teens for highly sexual situations, blood, teacher on student action, and demons

Company: Shojo beat

My rating : 3 out of 5 this manga isn't my thing but I can't pass up a manga given to me. Some of the pictures really push it like the pictures on page 78 I thought “did they really have to go with THAT pose?” it seemed very outrageous and highly sexual which isn't my thing yet at the same time the mystery behind what he said to her while they were children was interesting though I'll probably wait till in all comes out then read it on wikipidea

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