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Dragon Destiny
Magatama is a jewel worn as earrings by all Toushi containing the spirit and essence of the warrior of the Three Kingdoms era in ancient China. How they all wound in Japan is a mystery. Magatama give them strength and the fate of every moment Toushi (regardless of age or sex, all the characters from this period were men but the majority of players are young girls) who ranged from an average of a very strong but it comes with the will of the spirit in and ultimately their fate, which usually tend to tragic and painful. However, some characters seem to be in the process beat their fate, although the cycle has been played repeatedly during more than 1800 years. Not every same fate however, many important characters missing, and some obvious relationships and personality has changed drastically, but the end result significantly analogue. magatama There is a very selective; others can switch magatamas they increase their own personal power. They also show Toushi skills and power with distinctive color associated with the Olympic medal system, which often tend to be misleading with certain characters. The ambiguity is further enhanced by the introduction of magatama jade anime Hakufu (who briefly replaced with the red when she was possessed by Toutaku). Gyokuji
Imperial Seal allegedly discovered by Sonken, Hakufu's father, it is a great jade seal that serves a role similar to Crown Royal. Whoever had given him authority over all the other nations but is expected to become a big target for everyone. Seito Academy was originally held before Toutaku steal it, but it will eventually go to Ryomou from Ryofu who passed for Saji and eventually returned to Seito.
Dragon of Haou (Haouryuu)
Legal or Shouryuu Naga (literally Dragon God) is an enigmatic entity or entities that resemble large oriental dragon is given uniquely to the three destined ruler of the Three Kingdoms period: Hakufu, Sousou and Ryuubi. This is proof of their rights as conquerors. They gave great power on each of them, putting them well above the rated-regardless of their own expertise, although each manifestation varies. Ouin managed to stop the first manifestation of Hakufu's pretty easy, but Koukin only able to handle it properly the second time Hyakuhekitou and help Ukitsu's.

They, however, make terrible destructive impulse is different for each character. Hakufu's manifests a rampage, a sadistic, psycho-sexual monster but less than Ryuubi and Sousou. Sousou is psychotic and the most dangerous but otherwise fully in control, while Ryuubi completely out of control to the point of suicide and self-chopping. It is also the most evil, emit energy in the body which consume the lives around him.

Besides the three Dragons of Law, the other characters in the series have been shown to harbor dragons as well. Because the quality Ryuubi's dragon, Kaku believes Toutaku may already have their own dragon. As a result of the first resurrection dragon Ryuubi three years ago and his presence caused the next battle, Ryomou has a dragon too, but only Saji, Teifu, and the main character Seito, including Ryuubi, aware of this fact. Koumei also believed to harbor dragons, like Ryuubi watched it for a brief instant.

It also has hinted several times in both the anime and manga that Chou'un also harbor a dragon, because every time she opens her eyes, her pupils like a cat and a yellow, very similar to those of Toushi awakened. Similarly, in the manga, Kanu displayed pupil Gakushin identical after aborted attempts to invade his mind, during the fight he is with god Kyoshou's three-pillared.

Usually when it manifests dragon, red eyes both light Toushi or yellow with a slit like a cat. Real forearm veins stand out, which can sometimes extend throughout the body; canine also sometimes shown. In the second season of the anime, dragons are each a different color; Hakufu is blue, Sousou is red, and Ryuubi is gold. Unlike the manga, dragon Ryomou's apparently his own and not Ryuubi, and black. Koumei also presented with a silver dragon called the Crouching Dragon. Hyakuhekitou
A set of five legendary Chinese compliment made of jewels. Should be made by Cao Cao in ancient China, they were each given the name of the beast: Dragon, Tiger, Sparrow, Bear, and Horse. capable of defeating even the Dragons of Hao's incredible evil and powerful sword. Initially all five people were embedded in a boulder on the property Choushou and sealed with a chi makes them impossible to remove. Toutaku extracted an unnamed sword while studying and failed under Choushou. Kanu also trained under Choushou and exploited but broke sword named Kusanagi two, leaving half the knife still embedded in rock. It is not known which of the five it. Teni Dragon may have been given to him from Chiba, and managed to remove Tiger Hakufu completely intact, but recovered and entrusted it Saji Koukin so that he could stop Hakufu's dragon. Toutaku then destroy the stone, freeing the remaining two and the other half Kusanagi that he brought with him to his grave. Sousou recover all of them and two knives intact visible under high security at the Kyosho. Saji has a sword made of jade, but also an ancient sword. It is not known whether this is one of five such named Dragon, but Dragon Teni has clearly referred to as Hyakuhekitou ancient sword so that other possibilities. On a sidenote named Muramasa katana is located in the academy Gogun. All this is so far absent from the anime. Seiryuutou
legendary Guan Yu's Green Dragon Crescent Blade is visually depicted accurately and taken by Kanu at any time though should be made of diamond instead of metal. Very strong and has a large chi. It melts during the battle against the dragon Ryuubi's 3 years prior to the commencement of the series but improved. Jade Dragon (anime only)
A new artefact is introduced in the second season of the anime. This is a gold oriental dragon curled around a ball of gold wrapped in a glass ball. That should have the ability to tame the dragon (although it has failed to do so as of yet) and thus alter the fate of any toushi, something that is otherwise impossible. For that all parties are actively pursuing it, but not present in the manga on a thematic account that replaces Gyokuji. Unlike the manga, which Kaku Gyokuji give false Kyosho is activated by the Ryofu, who gave the real one for Ryomou. In this anime, Kaku Gyokuji have is an original. Many plots ranged antagonist pursuing Imperial seal, then why Jade Dragon was created (maybe). It is quite a myth, and until Ryomou find it, everyone thought it was. In fact very few even know about it in the first place. A mysterious monk (who is considered to be the same person who previously Kaku on) said Ryomou about who continue to find it. Ryomou, however, was ambushed and severely wounded by Teni eventually defeated by Shiryu, a steal and took it to Kanu. According to the monk, it will only activate when the three dragons that generate and bring together, but Ryomou looks to hold and turn it creates a blue aura, making light blue left eye and then summon a black dragon.
But towards the conclusion of the second series of Jade Dragon really activate, due to the presence of all three dragons (Sousou's Red Dragon, Ryuubi's Yellow Dragon and Sonsaku's Blue Dragon) in the vicinity and cause changes in fate, that was destined to do in the first place. [Edit] Manga this manga released in English by TOKYOPOP under the title Battle Vixens. Official German title is Dragon Girls, while in France and Spain it is called Ikkitousen.Vol. Judul1 violence Femme2 Wild Things! 3 Battle Blues4 Unbreakable5 Dragons6 Sleeping Girl on Girl7 Let Sleeping Dragons Lie8 Toilet Brush With Shafted10 Kematian9 Battle Vixens11 Exposed12 Penatrated13 mengepalkan14 A Tight Squeeze15 A New Truth [edit] Anime [edit] StafSonsaku Hakufu and Ryomou Shimei, as shown in the anime adaptation.

* Director: Takashi Watanabe (Season 1); Ohata Koichi (Season 2,3 and 4)
* Scripts / Organizer Series: Takawo Yoshioka (Season 1); Mosanao Akahoshi (Season 2 and 3)
* Original Creator: Yuji Shiozaki
* Character designer: Shinya Hasegawa (Season 1); Rinshin (Season 2 and 3); Rinshin, Junji Goto (Season 4)
* Art Director: Yoshinori Hirose (Season 1)
* Music: Hiroshi Motokura, Project Ikki (Season 1), Takanashi Yasuharu (Seasons 2,3 and 4)
* Chief Animation Director: Takashi Wada (Season 1); Rinshin (Season 2 and 3); Junji Goto (Season 4)
* Animated season 2 ending sequence design: Satoshi Urushihara
* Sound director: Tsuyoshi Takahashi (Season 1)
* Sound Effects: Shoji Kato (Anime Sound Production) (Season 1)
* Production Animation: JCStaff (Season 1); ARMS (Season 2 and 3), TNK (Season 4) [Edit] Ikkitōsen: Battle Vixens The first anime TV series ran on AT-X in 2003, and permits held by Enoki Films. The entire sequence previously licensed by Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc. (now licensed by FUNimation and Media Blasters) to the North American market, and available on four separate DVDs. Like many other Geneon series, the anime is distributed in the UK by MVM Films. Unlike Geneon, MVM seem to have some ties with TOKYOPOP, they broadcast using both "Ikkitōsen" and "Battle Vixens" as titles, using the title graphic from TOKYOPOP manga for the latter. Reversible DVD cover, for those who prefer the original title, and limited editions from the first DVD came in a box set with the first volume of manga.

1. "The Champions"
2. "A confrontation in Nanyou"
3. "Chastity I in Danger"
4. "A duel! Taishiji vs. Sonsaku"
5. "An Angry Hakufu and School Wide Counterattack"
6. "The Great Tournament Begins"
7. "A Confrontation With Destiny"
8. "Why The Betrayal Of Goei!"
9. "Viva Hot Springs!"
10. "An Encounter Between the Ruler and the Devil"
11. "Ryofu - Love and Death"
12. "Summer Comes to the Watermelon Patch"
13. "Farewell to Hakufu and the Days of Fighting" [Edit] Ikkitōsen: Dragon Destiny A second season began airing in February 2007. Radio series on called "Ikkitōsen Dragon Destiny Radio" is hosted on Media Factory. A DVD for chapter 0 was released on Comic Market 71 for 1000 yen, featuring a Dragon Destiny edited promotional video, voice actor interviews, and DVD to Ikkitōsen Dragon Destiny Radio, recently Ikkitōsen: Destiny was licensed by Media Blasters.

1. "The Mutation Newborn Dragon's Spirit"
2. "Awakening the King Devil"
3. "Dripping Blood, shed tears"
4. "Chance Meeting Between Two Dragons"
5. "Cruel Toushi"
6. "An Encounter with The Crouching Dragon"
7. "Kanu's Surrender"
8. "The defeat of the Great Leader A Minor"
9. "Shattered Friendship"
10. "Vissitude Koukin's"
11. "War Toushi"
12. "Chibi Ablaze!" OVA was also created to accompany the DVD and soundtrack releases. This is a short series of OVAs focusing on elements of fan service and uncensored with scenes involving full frontal nudity with in-themed censorship of genitalia for legality. OVA:

1. "Seito's Big Boobs"
2. "Nanyou's Wild Breasts"
3. "Let's Cosplay Glorious General"
4. "Breast explosives unparalleled Yakyuuken Part 1"
5. "Breast explosives unparalleled Yakyuuken Part 2"
6. "Parties Remain Left by Fighters"

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