Saturday, October 23, 2010

BR: Dark Divine

The dark divine


Characters: Grace, daniel, jude, don, pete and the list keeps going from there the characters are so complex and woven together, grace is nothing like grace from shiver this grace is a christian and an artist she questions what she doesn't understand and pushes for answers she is not unique in YA literature but she doesn't fall into the stereotype either, Daniel is bad boy with a heart of gold he is so cryptic and wants to distance himself but can't. Again nothing different he tetters on the edge of stereotypical B+

Story: Almost identical with angel star in that it's a wonderful story and mystery but seriously lacking in detail and setting descriptions unlike angel star though this is irksome habit is with every place other then perhaps the apartment the story itself is a nice mystery and keeps you guessing the Christian pronounced thereness make it really nice and unique the writing style is what really puts it together though B

Cover: whats black white and purple? This stunning cover smiler to the twilight covers you have a black background with something that pops the purple is beautiful with her stunning white legs the only nitpick would be why so white? But the purple is nice A

Rating: Young adult

Company: egmont USA

My rating : 4 of 5 originally this was going to be a five star book because of the writing but the more I thought about it the more I realized I was happy to be finished with it and admittedly some parts were really stereotypical and could see them coming a mile off its like when you watch a movie and then you say “oh its over?” and don't exactly know what to think the sequel sounds like linger and why do bad things always happen to the heroine in book two?

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