Sunday, September 26, 2010

Funny Spongebob Images

Funny Spongebob Images

I finally get a picture of Spongebob unique anymore. This time I get a picture of Spongebob is edited into a character in the Dragonball anime , entitled "SpongeBall". Hahahahaha, really funny to see it. Spongebob becomes Son Goku, may his name be Spongeku or SpongeGok.?Squidward becomes Vegeta, about her name be? Squidta? Mr. Krabs a turtles teacher , Mutenroshi teacher with glasses and his white beard so funny. Which I thought was most funny thing is this, the Patrick who became Picollo. Patcollo! With a stupid face as usual plus two antennae on his head (really looks silly) especially as he stuck out his tongue like that. Also wore robes like Picollo in Dragonball Anime . This time Sandy the squirrel into Bulma. Costumes worn are also similar, with a blue tanktop and her hair was also blue. Sandy was also wearing sunglasses force measurement radar. The question becomes who's Gary? Did anyone know? It's really a very unique cartoon and funny images.

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