Saturday, August 28, 2010

What I did over my summer vacation (Shortened)

What I did over my summer vacation

So with summer at an almost dead stop and only a day or two before I have to head back to school and everything goes to crazy town I figure I would post a recap of my summer because a lot of things didn't happen and a lot of things did


Blog related

-Decided to turn my blog into something and review manga,

books,some movies, and some anime there.


-Reviewed black butler manga



  • Read anxious hearts

  • Read code geass vol 5

Blog related

  • made a review archive

  • Posted anime next log

  • Wrote out a “game plan” for Four weeks

  • Wrote a bloggiesta entry

  • Wrote 25 things about me

  • Answered all the questions from teens read on my Blog

  • posted a rant and some updates


-reviewed poyno

  • reviewed That guy with

    - Reviewed anxious hearts

  • Reviewed the photo story MIB

  • Reviewd Code geass

-Posted twilight review



-Read “ The ghosts of ashbury high”

-Read cinderella skeleton

  • Read linger

  • Read bloody kiss vol one

  • Read lament

  • read Angel star

Blog related

-Posted my favorite authors

-posted an update and happy 4th of july post

  • made another blog

  • Posted and intro and about me on that blog

  • Posted Couples 1 on my CF blog

  • Posted a entry about anime on CF blog

  • Posted couples 2 and 3 on my CF blog

  • Decided to hold 7 days of me blogging about shiver/linger on CF

  • Posted couples 4 and 5

  • Decided to discuss some book tailors on both accounts

  • Gained a follower on CF

  • Finished my Couples post on CF

  • posted four trailer discussion posts on CF and GOTS

  • Fixed up the review archive on GOTS


-Reviewd code geass manga vol 5

-Posted Cardcaptors sakura review

-Posted both Calling you reviews

-reviewed The ghosts of ashbury high

  • Reviewed “Full moon o sagashite”

  • Reviewed Cinderella Skelenton

  • Reviewed linger

  • Reviewed Bloody kiss

  • Reviewed “Eclipse”

  • Reviewed lament

  • Reviewed angel star



  • read Evidence of Angels

  • read The Fairies: Photographic Evidence

  • read sailor moon vol one

  • read prince of tennis vol one

  • read the graveyard book

  • Read Sayonara, zetsubou-sensie (since I'm posting this early I haven't read this yet but I will by tonight)

Blog related

  • Jennifer Murgia is now a Follower on my GOTS Blog so now thats 2 followers

  • Have 3 followers on GOTS and 2 on CF because my friend made a Blog and started Watching me -happy face-

  • Joined “waiting on Wednesdays”

  • made two segments for CF one called “Daily drama” the other called “Generous gifts from God”

  • Wrote two future waiting Wednesdays to post soon

  • posted a “in my mailbox” entry

  • Got 4 followers on GOTS now


-Posted angel review

  • posted fairy review

  • posted sailor moon review

  • wrote yu yu hakusho review

  • wrote prince of tennis review

  • wrote the graveyard book review

  • Wrote sayonara, zetsubou-sensei review (again posting this early but by tomarow the review will be done)

Over all a lot happened, including me reconnecting with some one my mom claims I knew when I was three but don't remember but we still hit it off and had a grand time laughing at a website and just having a grand time, I watched a lot of anime mainly shiki since I've swarm off black butler anime though I might watch some for halloween.

Also a lot didn't somethings that didn't happen were things I was really looking froward too (my first ever double date, meeting my BFF's BF, my uncle coming over) but in the grand scheme of things the summer was great . Eye drama, friend drama, more friend drama, but it was a good summer

XD No I'm not going to post a recap for the fall too But I may post something for December since thats when my B-day is, christmas, and Blog anniversary (Dec, 16,09)

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