Tuesday, August 24, 2010

really big fashion mistakes

Hello again! today i came up with the idea of searching the worst celebrity looks ever so i found some really creepy pics that i m going to comment on...so firsty here we have rihanna that follows an adorable dressing code every time our loving paparrazi immortalize her.Ihave to say i really adore her and love the way she dresses up but...here we have a mistake:we dont like the plastic bag she used as a top and we cant imagine how she combined the mini shorts with the extra sexy "net" hosiery .Yes ok really nice way to turn yp in a catwalk ...byt dont be so provocative in the road

so here we have number two ...no words of course we like the way Beyonce wore the blouse and matched the accessories but...(omg) as we can see in the next picture we are coming up against this sight...yes i may be too stright but the specific top doesnt match with that extremelly big necklase that also covers it.                                                                                                                                                                         mistakes that you should avoid o do while picking clothes  1)If your body has something bigger than simple curves you should definitely avoid to wear strechy clothes that destroy the way your body really looks.Prefer to buy something that highlits your curvy places.                                                2)when you choose a make up or even  a lipstick to match it with your outfit try not to overdo it.Too much makeup is able to make the most stylist outfit  inappropriate.                                                                                       3)Learn to love and respect your age dont try to remove years over you by wearing something fancy and youth.It makes you look like a clown...                                                      4)Mix and match is not always something effective,try when you combine your clothes to make a pure outfit not something too odd so as not to make you ridiculous.                                                         5)Pick your skin tones carefully.                                                                                                                                         6)try  not to wear clothes that make you provocative,the real beaty is inside you...

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