Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mykonos vacations

hello again !nice to t...write you again :)i ve been away for a short time of period but here i am again ,ready to inform and analyse you every single detail about my holiday memories:)...The whole  time i ve been  away from my adorable keyboard i was for vacation in Mykonos for two weeks .Eventhough i am too young to go to night parties along with my friends ,i spent the whole time eating at nice restaurants and enjoying shopping with my parents.Mykonos is a really nice place for people who want to find a new mate or enjoy themselves while spopping or partying.I can recoment it to everyone but i have to say that you wont love this island as you love a magical place with palm trees and a really nice view.Mykonos is like a huge shopping centre,that provides you all the comforts you would ever want to enjoy.As  you ll exploring the narrow alleys inside the centre of the island,you ll be able to discover every aspect of stores that excists.Myself had wonderfull experience while wondering around and  discovering new shopping places and tasting new flavours.Places that i totally introduce you to visit is :super paradise(affordable prices nice place,unforgettable parties).starbucks(you must have a coffe shop next to you especially when you enjoy that kind of (yummy)flavours)also dont miss visiting the centre of the island(of course) the >xwra...thats for today ,keep you updating ,seeyaa!

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