Thursday, August 19, 2010

MR:Sailor moon

Challenge 11: All in the family (Wife)

Sailor moon


Art: Classic 1990's style of shojo. The very original shojo style for most growing up in that era. Soft whimsical colors and soft lined smiler to card captors but even softer then that and very pretty. Even if you have never seen shojo before you could look at this manga and say “yup thats the classic shojo I vaguely remember”


Characters: Very nicely fleshed out for one book. All their personalitys and powers come full circle in only one chapter each and tuxedo mask is a hotty! Over all you feel like you know them in only one vol


Story: The story does well to explain who's who and whats what given that it's only five chapters long. A very nice way to start the series each sailor scout gets their own chapter and is introduced very nicely. Its different then the anime. I think most os us would agree that the repetitiveness of “My name is bunny” gets really really old by the last chapter. One other little loop hole is they only got three of the four sailor scouts yet luna stated that they have all four when clearly they don't


Cover: Sailor moon stated about art in art section really no need to repeat that here. Its soft and dream like and very girly.


Rating: T for teen

Company: Tokyopop

My rating : 4 of 5 for lack of a sailor scout and some...sketchy sayings and repetitiveness

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