Saturday, August 21, 2010

In my mailbox

Just so its book related since I don't know when I'll be posting anything let alone reviews for..."a while" (read about it here) and really I just wanted a shameless plug in for that <---- points to the link, as to what's with the slow updates...but so this ISN'T A filler heres a temporary meme

*Drum roll*
Heres the ORIGINAL
So this "in my mailbox" will span from now (8/21/10) till after 10/18/10
Does that mean I'm going to cover every book till then? yes or at least an estimated guess

Borrowing from library as of 8/24/10
Prince of tennis vol two
The graveyard book
saonara zetsubou-sensie vol one

Planing on buying as of 8/31/10

hope the library will have soon as of 8/31/10
the pace

Hope I can barrow soon spanning month of september
cactus secret vol one
the dark hunters manga vol one

Reading this week 8/21/10- 8/29/10
Prince of tennis vol two
The graveyard book
saonara zetsubou-sensie vol one

Reading next week 8/29/10- 9/4/10

week of 9/4/10-9/12/10
Post two waiting Wednesdays around this time
book break

Two waiting Wednesdays for september
one for october

I should have a good amount of reviews in october if all goes well and school doesn't kill my book record
So now I poof from the internets and blogging but I'll come here bookmark any entries I see then read them later when my eyes are up to it. I do this anyway eye problems or no

so happy reading and I hope to be back to blogging soon
but this will not dwindle on reading or writing reviews
just typing and posting them
beware the spam of entries


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