Thursday, August 19, 2010

Br:The Fairies: Photographic Evidence

The Fairies: Photographic Evidence


Art: The right pages seemed like something out of a scrap book and very pretty though at times the story didn't mesh with the photos at all and some photos were highly questionable and almost not believable


Characters: eh. they were there but seeing as this was an encounter "journal" and not a real story there was really nothing development wise or likeable or dis likeable about them they were just there


Story: Entertaining but not believable which for this story is what was suppose to bring it life since this isn't a YA or children's story and more of a encounter journal. Compared to the other story Miss. Scalora about angels which seemed highly believable at times and awe inspiriting this one made you question why it got so popular in the first place


Cover: peter pan! the first thought of many the picture itself is beautiful and eye catching full of innocent questioning and awe


Rating: A for all though there are some scary fairy's

Company: Harper collins publishing

My rating : 3 of 5 this story was NOT believable in the least if the pictures meshed with the story better then maybe it would work but it didn't I was like "this is so fake" and it was a let down compared to her book about angels

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