Monday, August 23, 2010

Bright fashion by Francesca Castagnacci

Bright fashion by Francesca Castagnacci

Francesca Castagnacci, an Italian-born, fashion designer who has fueled her artistic inspiration in a rather revolutionary fashion concept . Her latest project involves the design of hats and shoes using special optical fibres enduced into fabrics and creating effects with light and dimesions. It is an honor to present to our design-friendly audience new creators, solely equiped with their talent, fantasy and skillfulness, yet able to bring up creations that surprise our eyes and trigger our imagination . After the footwear concepts of Andreia Chaves, once more Yatzer presents you with a cutting-edge designer that is Fransesca Castagnacci, or else a contemporary maitre of artificial light.The idea of the concept is primarily based upon the optical effects that are created with the light reflected from the fibres and leds intergrated in the fabrics of the items. The Luminex concept or else Photonic fabrics is the ‘new focus’ of electronic firms, medical companies anf fashion houses, who are all busy with developing and working with fabrics that combine photonic with .

material technologies. Although this technology has been been used for quite a time now by the more electronics-oriented industries, its recent wide use by the textile industry has brought up some striking resultsWith today’s advanced textile technology these optical fibres and leds are know ‘weaved’ and intergrated into the fabrics, taking their shapes while at the same time channeling light into them. The results are rather impressive since the products made by illumminated fabrics surely have a plus optical effect compared to the rest. Although these Luminex fabrics have been used by a handful of fashion clothing companies now, Castagnacci’s adoption of the concept in the making of accessories is surely interesting. .

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