Thursday, August 19, 2010

BR: Evidence of angels

Evidence of angels


Art: Beautiful but blinding which makes sense seeing as its a book about angels some pictures seemed to be a little much in the ways of lighting however. But for the ones that are manageable to the eye and not to hurtful the pictures are stunning and uplifting a real inspiration just though color alone. This art work you have to look at in good light though or it will make your head hurt


Story: More of meaning then story [laughs] This reviewer has been feeling down not depressed just an emotional void and lonely. If you flip though this book you'll land on exactly what you need to hear like this reviewer was just flipping though from back to front aimlessly and it lands on the last page “ This book is Dedicated to every person who has ever felt alone” with that this review laughed to the point of tears because it just...mended the void just a tad just enough. The story itself is one of hope and amazement the font is nice and black and never blinding. The words themselves are magical and there is a quote or something in there for everyone a message or a meaning its beautiful


Cover: Shiny and sparkly very eye catching a little too bight but the pretty colors make up for it


Rating: Everyone and anyone who believes or need inspiration

Company: Harper collins publishing

My rating : 4 out of 5 I would give it a 5 but the art work hurt my eyes at times to the point where I was dizzy or tearing up but the story itself touched me very much like “Angel star” touched me and I swear I would keep up with this angel bit if it weren't for the fact that my library doesn't have “Heveanly” nor do any of the libraries in the system.

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