Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trailer discussion: Tension of Opposits

So this far in I can state that honestly the acting didn't draw me in what did was the imagery its so vivid and pretty, the way they incorporate the book cover (the ajar door) is done in flashes that thought they may make your head hurt, work really well in this trailer. Photography? a Hott guy? a really pretty tree? Awesome! Max is a hotty and I love his outfit, I love photography and the tree is amazing.

"if I have to I'll give up everything" ? What kind of message is that? So in honesty this trailer didn't interest me at first but then the imagery cough up with me later in the day and I might might give this book a try because of this trailer but its not on the top of my list the trailer is NOT all that the acting was cheesy with extra cheese and really it doesn't say "Read this book" it says "heres the story thats in the first 50 pages of this book"

Rating: C-

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