Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trailer discussion: Fallen

The music is haunting I love it, the words really draw you in, and the imagery is...hey thats my dress!!! lol ok so in reality I love this trailer the "omph" at 0:10 really gets me every time. I love the music so much I had to look it up and fave it on youtube. The words are I'm 99% sure taken from the book or the back of the book but put it with the music and WHAM impact!

The no actress thing they have going on there is VERY nice the fact that they used the cover of the book and claymation like movement was brilliant. I do have to say this though When ever I see this I think "Hey she stole my prom dress and gloves!" because I wore a cupcake ball gown and Gloves to my prom that looked like that XD

But this trailer alone would get me to read the book (if it wasn't for the fact I read a sample and didn't like it)

The music alone could get you to read this book THAT is power

Rating: A+

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