Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trailer discussion: Angel star

I'm reading this book RIGHT NOW..ok so not at this moment but I started it today This is also the the trailer that made me want to do these posts and unlike the other three this one is going to be broken down in to time where I stop to discuses what I like about each part

0:18 = okay So The music right now is sweet and the words and imagery really get your attention from the get-go, The words are either fan made or from a chapter/s of the book I have not gotten too at this time, the guardian angel picture is hot and I love the lighting he looks japanese rock star there and that is my favorite frame

0:52= Bum bum BUM Dramatic music change and a censored hottie bad guy? if this doesn't get you squeeing the "Are you Ready to Believe?" in deep red with a black background will make you squee and get your blood pumping

Then the ending is reminiscent of "NIHM" or something with the magic wishy of the font
The trailer is 100% fan made and ends at 1:40 youtube looped it for some stupid reason honestly I never noticed that because by the credits I wanted to do the next cool thing

The trailer helped hype me up even more for the book

Rating: A+

To see this properly you have to see it on youtube sorry

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