Sunday, July 18, 2010

Top favorite Couples literary edition

Top Fave [Literary] couples of all time



1. Jasper and Alice (p)

(the twilight series)

Why: they are soul mates and alice gives jasper hope and they just fit like a puzzle

2. Sam and Grace (P/S)

(Shiver saga)

Why: soul mates, but also they loved each other no matter what Also this is the ONLY book to make me cry yeah so..ha! And again I'll explain in a different post with quotes from the book

3. Patch and nora (S/N)

(Hush hush series)

Why: oddly its because in reality this pair would never work that makes them work so well

Patch is stalker-ish and creepy but you can't help but love him

4.Amelia and Riley (p)

(The ghosts of ashbury high)

Why: Riley speaks the world of Amelia they have been together since they were 14. They are soul mates plain and simple their relationship goes beyond anything I could type here so its being expanded in a different entry

5. Liesel x Rudy(P)

(the book thief)

Why: because they had been childhood friends and there is just something so cute about them

6. Ethan x Lena (p/s)

(Beautiful creatures)

Why: Other then its the whole point of the story the way Ethan is so protective and caring and how he doesn't care that lena is a witch and just wants to be with her

7. Fang x Max (s/p)

(maximum ride)

Why: soulmates also because I wanted to add another couple and because they are perfect together

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