Saturday, July 17, 2010

Top favorite Couples Anime/manga edition

Top Fave [anime/manga] couples of all time



Tk x kairi or takairi (P)


Why: Because back in the 1990's this was THE anime couple besides its sweet, and they have know each other for since they were 8

Sakura x Shoyran (p)

(Cardcaptors sakura/tsubasa)

Why: they are soulmate, they just click

Suzaku x euphima (p)

(Code geass)

Why: I wanted a code geass couple in here

Alice x mad hatter (n)

(Alice in the country of hearts)

Why: because he looks like someone she has a crush on thats bout it

Mana x kanama(p)

(juvinal orion)

Why: Childhood friends and he told her not to cry cute

Ann x Diago(p/s)

(sand chronicles)

Why: Diago was ann's first everything, friend, lover, lost vierginity too and 14 years later they still end up together

Amu x ikuto (n)

(Shugo chara)

Why: its so wrong it seems right plus they just look cute together

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