Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MR: Fushigi yugi

Fushigi yugi: The mysterious play 1: Priestess


Art: Shojo and 1990's all the way the art is old looking but very detailed with white shines in the black hair, big fat shojo eyes and dashing yet annoying young men shojo baby you can't escape it


Characters: oh...oh oh oh....the girl is a annoying. The main men are indescribable. But for all the flaws there is character development. The girl is tough and smart and lonely and deprived. She is fifteen so for most readers its hard to get her unless you are that age. The lead men are beautiful, pervs, greedy, mean, almost pig headed. Sadly nothing new in the character deparment and when you stack them against other characters you realize these are everywhere


Story: The very first “girl enters magical world though XXX” story. Many many to fallow this trend. In this case the though is though a book. The heroin is a jr.high student of fifteen. The story it's self is very bland and overly used but has its own narm charm too. The first 3 chapters drag way longer then they should making the reader uninterested in the plot and story. For those of you who like historical fiction then this is perfect.


Cover: So very pink, however despite the pink the art work is lovely with our main heroine and lead man on the cover who oddly enough have the same eye and hair color. The outfits are lovely and as detailed as the pose they are in a gentle embrace as the guy looks over her for danger while she looks happily at the readers


Rating: T+ older teens

Company: Viz media (this was before the days of shojobeat)

My rating : 3 out of 5 honestly? It was ok I love the art work but thats all I liked about It

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