Monday, July 19, 2010

Movie review:Eclipse



Characters: All the characters are the same if not better then their book counterparts. Edward smiled more, Jasper was the star he had more lines in this movie was funny and got loads of action, Bella was less...annoying more human more normal. Seth and leah were perfect however leah's hair cut could have been better


Story: loads of scenes were swapped around or quickened up. Jasper training everyone happened a lot faster then in the book after he trains “for the day” does he then tell Bella his backstory leaving out when and where he meets alice as well as him decided to run away from Mira. Bella's dream sequence was very well done and considering there has been no dream sequences up till this movie it was great seeing it. It was also great seeing things that were only mentioned in the book like the fight between the newborns and emmet and Paul's encounter. Despite some changes there were very little add in's that felt out of place seeing the newborns feed and seeing victoria minuplate Riley didn't feel out of place compared to the bike scene in movie two or the police station stop in movie one. Some fans who are looking for a blood bath will be disappointed even when a scene calls for blood (ie. Rosial killing three gaurds and her dress or lips not covered in blood in a flashback) there is none but the action and stunts will surly make up for it still the blood is missed being a vampire flick you should expect blood but in this it is absent


Rating: PG-13 based on the YA book, contains violence, sexual steamy moments but nothing beyond kissing, blood, killing, disturbing imagery, Death,

Company: Summit Entertainment

My rating : 5 out of 5 the jasper, the action, the tent scene, all make up for little missing things or wanting more explanation

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