Friday, July 23, 2010

Flash Animation - A Balancing Act

Flash animation industry boom is not a coincidence, rather it is the result of strenuous efforts by some of the leading developers and flash animators who are still hard at work hard to increase its efficiency and make it more attractive. Animation in flash must be strong enough to capture the imagination of the designer convert and in perfect condition without increasing the size of the SWF file. Here lies the importance of maintaining a perfect balance. You should not intentionally kill the creative muse in order to reduce loading time of websites, rather, you have to find solutions to unleash your creative input either by weeding out unnecessary elements or by using the latest technologies to downsize the file flash animation.

Flash animation challenges
Creating animation in flash, no Cakewalk. It is a complex process, where creativity, expertise and practical experience, all woven together to generate the best possible performance. However, the web industry is cruel. This gives little chance for a flash designer to develop your creativity to his will, it supports high bandwidth, standard-definition and large screen at all times. So the only way you can survive in this competitive industry is coping with the difficult climate. Here are some questions that should be considered with care before meeting with the animation industry:

* Watch the video file: do not make big plans for video files because it can go terribly wrong when the video starts buffering or connection conks off at once. It just simply using simple images or GIF images, you can try an alternative.

* Make it easy: For God's sake do not increase the size of the flash file by adding lots of images and texts too. Do you realize that the basic idea that animation is to be attractive and convey the message through a unique organization of the visual medium. So that was easy and light to the fullest extent. If it takes a very long time, it will eventually spoil online reputation and will act as a deterrent in the growth trajectory of your organization.

* Make it search engine friendly: The primary purpose of flash design and flash animation to create a user friendly website. But you should not discard the concept of search engine optimization all together. Only themselves to deter use of any unsolicited scripts or Java code, because most search crawlers can not index them properly. You should use the text in the animation process, because search engine robots are now powerful enough to index.

* Following the trend: It is extremely important. Without trend will never be able to use the attention of viewers. Online viewers are no longer naive, and you must make sure your animation is so strong that they keep the animation until the very end.

Success is always elusive in flash design, specifically in the area of flash animation, but if you manage to maintain the delicate balance in the process, you will definitely make a difference in the long term.

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