Friday, July 30, 2010

Emailing authors

So this isn't a review but it is book related so why not? So in my life that I can remember I've emailed some authors low and behold I got replies to some the most memorable would be

Maggie stiefvater (she replied and replies to my comments on her blog)
Scoot Westerfeld (who replied)
Carrie Harris (we have/ had a mini conversation via email and she mentioned me in her blog!)
Jennifer murgia (just happened like just now and we are 'friends' on good reads)

The first time it happened I was shocked, Now its almost normal but I still get that fangirl "OMGosh I'm talking with someone famous/who wrote a book!" there's just something magical about emailing and getting a response with an author

What about you?
have you ever emailed an author?
or talked with one in person?

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