Sunday, July 25, 2010


Lament: the fairy queens deception

book one


Characters: Dee, james and luke. Dee is headstrong and reminiscent of grace mixed with nora almost like she was a draft character for grace. She was vaguely refreshing as a character however if your coming straight off the heels of linger then she is nothing too original. Luke is Patch meets edward thats not to say he is flat but like dee he is like a draft for cole of linger. James is the sidekick in this one just the best friend and their too keep the plot moving. There was nothing all too different with james and dee that separated them from other YA side kicks or heroines. Luke however is different then most with the exception of patch from hush hush which you can see parallels with on occasion. But his story and BG is while not fleshed out still intriguing even till then end


Story: The story starts out really original. But somewhere in the middle it turns into "just another paranormal romance". with " I know what you are" and the showdown taken place at the school felt to much like "Twilight" and "Hush hush" the ending was anything but overly done though and in reality is done far less in romance novels save for ones like "Dear jon" By Nickolas sparks. 95% of novels have that sappy "happily ever after" ending or if it's a series then it saves that for the very last book or second to last book depending. The romance was jarring and unrelated able feeling more like romeo and juilet then a real romance shocking considering this is Maggie Stiefvater who gave us Sam and grace. The story lagged in some spots so much so you question how long it will take you to get it done. Thats not to say the story didn't have Mrs. stiefvaters trademark lyrical style and of course music the detail put into how the music sounded was out of this world. Over all it's a you hate it or you love it story with an ending that just...stops one full page of writing then it just stops not even an epilog to match the prolog


Cover:The paperback cover takes some getting used to but the hardcover(?) is gorgeous with the dagger and the clovers very irish and a sense of wounder. The paperback however isn't as powerful as the hard cover. The paperback's is that of a red and gray picture of a girl looking almost like a charcoal and pencil drawing then a professional cover

A+ for the hardback cover

C+ for the paperback

Rating: Young adult

Company: Flux

My rating : 4 out of 5 I liked it but didn't love it it could have been so much more " But there's a sequel" yeah..from the best friends POV *shrugs*

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