Thursday, July 15, 2010

Animation Character Bible - What Goes Into It

Bible character and heart and soul of a series of cartoons. Without the proper character of the Bible you can not even begin to talk with anyone about your concept. I have seen many character bibles from producers all over the world in the past few years the request for cooperation and joint production. I saw them really good and very spectacular. Has received a number of questions asked about what is happening in the Bible character, I wrote this topic to give some insight into this subject. The following are the various elements that should form the Bible creation.

It is very important to be brief in the Bible of your character. This is the basis upon which to build the entire story must be concise, but not enough so long can not be read or interpreted in 3 minutes or less. Try to make that call one if possible. Shorter you can make this and maintain it is still interesting, the better.

Designs include the most important figures in the Bible of your character. There is no doubt that spend a long time to make them look good and ensure that justice to your concept. Bible character should be more visible from the wordy, and view the designs of nature to the fullest extent - with the various forms of expression, and constitutes the main characters. Props - if any - should also be displayed. These are very important to show the potential of characters must be animated, or are licensed for different reasons. People read the Bible character need to be able to feel the characters who they are and get an idea of the exhibition by the nature of these designs.

Ideally you the text description of the characters can not be prolonged, because people are not many actually read through the text to all. The letter should describe the planned figures only the most important characteristics to keep things short and quick read. Visual and should be tested before sale, and the text does not sell.

Would be good to display some key sites, as well as providing explanations of how or comics in the world of property appears.

Basically, it would be good to leave as little as guess work of perspective partners as possible, so as to not prejudice the identity and values of this property.

Finally - for the property being ready for the animation - you may want to include so-called 'cross summary' - which defines the stories that can occur in a series of animated cartoons. Is usually by a doctor this script '- which can also help in the renovation of the background story and character description.

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