Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rant: Photoshopped artwork

Rant 1: Photoshopping art

It would be hypocritical to say I hate it. Its not true I like photoshopped art but what is photoshopped art? Its when you take a background photo and use a photoshopped filer on it.

This has one of 2 effects

        1. Can make the picture look really cool like the character is in our world (seen here:http://animegirl4ever09189.deviantart.com/favourites/#/d13dqsg ) and look really really cool

        2. kill the art and have it overly used so much that thats all the reader is focused on

most newbi artist do this for fun not knowing any better and never planing on getting that published and even when you see it in a manga its brief and a background what the twilight manga did was take all the backgrounds from the movie and photoshop it into the manga a cheap fall out plan if you ask me.

Photoshopping clothes should just be a NO on all accounts unless its in a store but if some one is wherein a shirt it should be a drawn shirt not a photoshopped one that looks awkward.

Food again should be drawn food in a picture doesn't have to be detailed when a character is eating photoshopped food they may as well be eating a hologram.

Most artist know how to avoid this and 99% of them never photoshop BG's unless its effect and not a scene. Really ypu have to see it in the manga to understand why this is so bothersome to me and possibly other manga fans out there

On a side note I have a question for you all and that is why are most YA books romance? Also why is it so hard to find a book with little romance that is also easy to get into? I wish there was a book slimier to code geass in that the main focus is family love, enough action and suspense and romance but nothing pushed very unisex in portal in that both boys and girls can read it?

Most books aren't like that it's either a book for girls or guys

it get sicking after a while don't you think?

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