Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Notice before hand

This is rare but this is one of those rare moments where I have to state something before the review So there is a lot of stuff about code geass that bug me however you must know this

I'm a catholic I watch the anime not for the “anti-religious” stuff as it may seem I watch it for the political views that very much mirror Avatar the last Bender's politics the way a figure head works and the similarity to zuko and his father (same take over the world banished prince thing)

I like that because I can fallow it I love the dub and the art and the characters and don't like some actions, homosexuality, lies, unnatural deaths, etc that is all So now I can write the review w/o sticking my long ranting views in it XD Also I apologize a head of time if my review is incoherent this anime is indescribable at best and the ending really choked me up

Also this is what PABD is:

Now on to the review!!!

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