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Challenge 3: 100 best book

There is a issue in the artwork that I am going to rant about in it's own post possibly after this one

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, Young kim

Vol 1


Art: -sigh- At first glace the art work is AMAZING but then you get your hands on the book. The buildings, food, cars, and anything else that is not people (Roseile and emmets pants and shoes in one spot, the wolf in Bella's dream) Is all Photoshopped pictures, those things are not hand drawn they are photoshopped! The Art (photoshopped stuff aside) is actually not that bad its something between realism and manga.

See threw characters are a BIG no no Bella is see threw in one part and the thugs are see threw right before edward comes The one thing not understandable is the color inserts the one part is understandable (where Bella says her favorite gem is topaz) being in color as well as Edward's eyes after it. What doesn't make sense is the page after it being color and only the sky, and Edward's hair and eyes after that it goes back to black and white the other instance of this is the red blood in the blood testing(2 pages), Bella's dream(3 pages), Edward sparkling in the sun( 7 pages) and the last two pages with the acknowledgments on it, Manga is know for color inserts but NOT in the manga itself and normally if it is its one page. Some background characters also had the placement lines still on their face, one guys eyes were different shapes and empty. All in all the artist and or Stephanie Meyer do not know much about background art


Characters: All drawn pretty and well jessica looked 20 however but they were all in character and the Cullens and Bella looked well perfect


Story: Manga adaptation's of books are normally choppy that is to be expected. This is worse then choppy or missing dialog however, this is crazy. The dialog is all there OK, fine, perfect what isn't is proper transitions or art to story connection. For example Edward stops the van with his hand but the art work showed his BACK to the van thus his hand not stopping it. The proper transitions were also missing such as Bella suddenly being at the hospital or Bella fainting in bio you don't really get what happened . Another thing is the word balloons (this would normally go in the art section but since that is jam-packed it is being stated it here) normally word balloons are apart of the art and story they flow with the art work, these have little black tails! They distract horribly from the art work and story.


Cover : The cover is meant to be a two parter that is once book two comes out you put them together and see edward and Bella laying in the meadow. Not a bad premise but done poorly the title seems to not be a part of the cover at all instead the first thing you see is Bella and a “severed” hand in her hair the title is on top same as the book in font but the picture takes away from that. It would have been better off with a drawn version of the original or movie tie in cover


Rating: N/A I would assume T for teen seeing as the book it was based off of is a YA book

Company: Yen press

My rating: 3 out of 5

Let me just state that there is one scene that made me laugh and I have to say what it was , there's this one part where the Cullen's are going home Alice is laying her head and hands on the top of the car and jasper has his hand on her shoulder like “come on alice time to get off the car” lol

Next: a mini rant about photoshopped art work

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